Welcome to the Snow Page
This is Farm Road 409 going east from our dirt road. You can see that no snow plows cleared our less used roadways.
Farm Road 409 going west. Can't even make out the road from all the snow.
Our dirt road is pure white for a change. We were planning to stay put anyway.
The blue truck is the only one running right now. It would have slid all over the layer of ice under the snow for sure.
Here's the front of the house. The roof covered in ice and snow. Looks like the camera lens is getting that way, too.
Here's the house from the side. You can see how the ice is curling under as it melts and slides off the roof.
This picture is taken from the front door looking out. Look at the top left to see the layer of ice hanging off the roof.
This picture is taken from the kitchen door looking out on the side yard. Pure white.
Emily and Shiva loved the snow.
So did Max. Here he is in action!
Here is the layer of ice melting down off the roof taken from beneath it. You can see how the metal roof leaves it's pattern in the ice.
When these sheets of ice finally slid off the roof, they made a crashing sound like a truck ramming through the front door. It was wild.
A coating of ice covered every stem, branch, and pine needle on every tree. It caused the young pines and cedars to bend over, touching the ground with their treetops.
Here is a close up of frozen pine needles. Everything looks magical encased in ice.
These juniper branches that are usually out of reach now drag on the ground.
The ice-covered juniper branches were my favorite, so I made Don take a close-up as I remarked that the landscape looked like total Martha Stewart.
I replanted our Christmas tree in the front yard. Here it is enjoying the snow.
I had to sneak in some pictures of the kittens. These pictures are adorable, even if you don't love cats.
Henry starts a big yawn just when I get them posed purrfectly. I think she meant to do it.
That's it for now. Stay tuned for photos of sledding and snowmen.