The Cabin

We started the work on our cabin after we had sold our house in Plano, but before the closing. We headed out to the property in the morning, usually stopping to buy building supplies at Home Depot on our way out, and then returned home in the evening. The drive is about one and a half hours from Plano, so it was about like commuting to and from work for Don.

This schedule began in early May, I think about May 6th or there'bouts. The weather was great, and we were getting just the right amount of rain to make things really grow. Insects also were flourishing at this time, so we had to use plenty of deet.

The first order of business was to choose and clear an area for the cabin. We wanted to preserve as many of our trees as possible. Also, we wanted easy access for hauling lumber from the truck, and running the water and electricity to the cabin. So we settled on a location near the "driveway" where there was already a small clearing. Here are some before and after photos:

before Before
after After

Next we began to stake out the four corners of the cabin. Click here to see more...