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Welcome to "Why Basketry".

Two years ago I began this web page to promote my basketry classes. I'm no longer teaching basketry classes, but I still get many requests for class information or other related questions. Therefore, I am revising this web page as a listing for basketry classes in the DFW Metroplex. If you know of any basketry classes in this area, please send me an email and I will list the class and any additional information below.

  • The Craft Guild of Dallas - I haven't taken the class myself. If anyone knows more about this class, send me an email and I'll post your review. Here is the information for the class. Go to the link above to sign up.
    Lois Ann Mittleman (972-241-0480)
    00-755 Fri, Sep 1 - Oct 20, 9:00A - 12:00N
    Tuition: $144/$216 (8 wks)
    00-766 Fri, Nov 3 - Jan 12, 9:00A - 12:00N
    Tuition: $126/$189 (7 wks)
    A well-made basket will survive for generations. We will focus on developing good craftsmanship as students construct three functional baskets: melon, splint and twined. At the same time, Students will utilize their own creativity as we explore natural and synthetic fiber, color, design and sculptural form. Bring: Bring: Bring: Bring: Bring: scissors and bucket. Basket round reed size 3 and 5 can be purchased from the instructor.

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    Email me your basketry website at basketlink@lauraashe.com.
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